Cob's British Cycle Spares

My wife reckons I’m obsessed with Cob's British Cycle Spares and can not help myself when it comes to buying yet another bike or box or two of parts to get the next project going.

Over the years I have gathered bits and pieces of bikes which were good ole pommy origin.

Sometimes I managed to come home from a swap meet and hide my recent finds in the shed but, alas, I have been caught out. She’s onto me as the stockpile has grown....

To keep the peace and, sometimes having a rational mind, I have decided that the smart thing would be to not take on too many projects again.

Thus the shed needs to be cleaned up a little and reduce some of the parts I have on hand. Sometimes it’s like cutting my arm off as some of these parts become part of my life …

Hence this website! Cob's British Cycle Spares. This way I can play around a little and just keep listing bits and pieces as they are found about the place.

So take a look and see what grabs your fancy; new old stock, used and good condition parts are available. There’s Triumph, BSA, Ariel, AJS, Norton, Lucas and Smiths gauges.

And I can always send you a picture of items you are interested in. Take a look and happy parts hunting.

Send us an order if you see something you want. Alternatively we regularly attend swap-meets across Eastern Australia.

Cob's British Cycle Spares

I sell New Old Stock, reproduction and used British Motorcycle Parts, mostly from the late 1940s through to mid 1960s.  In the main these parts are Triumph, BSA and some AJS.


Occasionally when purchasing “job lots” I end up with some parts other than British items with which I am not familiar. Some of these being from Japan or Europe and are not those for which I do not have a part number.

The same applies for some parts for British machines where I am unable to identify a part number.  In these cases I will apply my own Part No. which will be COB-1, COB-2 etc.  A description of the item you are seeking should be found by using the “SEARCH”. 


In some cases there are listings for auxiliary parts such as Amal and Lucas items. In those instances I will use the prefix AM for Amal and LU for Lucas and then their respective part number.

Where I also have say the Triumph Part Number I will list that also. 

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